Bridgestone Berg 16" 6x139.7 Wheels

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  • Brand: Bridgestone
  • Model: Berg (1 piece)
  • PCD: 6x139.7
  • Size/Offset: 16 x 8 + 0
  • Tyres: N/A
  • Description: A set of Bridgestone wheels imported from Japan. If you can look past the awful state of the clear coat which can easily be fixed this is a great size set of wheels which are structually perfect but have been left in the weather for to long! The finish and the fact these are the cheaper one piece versions make this a really cost effective way to get an authentic JDM look to your 4x4!  As with all our wheels we offer a wide range of refinishing options.We also can supply and fit tyres! 
  • Currently have 10 sets of JDM 6 stud wheels in stock to suit any budget. 

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