D-max D1 spec JZX Front Castor Rods Arms

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  • Brand new genuine D-MAX high quality front castor / caster arms with adjustable pillow balls. High Quality steel body with a large offset (27mm MORE that JZX100 arms which have a 18mm offset) to suit cars with large amounts of lock. Have copious amount of D1 driving R&D.
  • Include pillowball rose jointed bushings for ultimate strength and predictability. As with all D-MAX arms the joints are replaceable and we can supply replacements new!
  • Compatible with JZX90 / JZX100 / JZX110 / SXE10. Please note the included BLACK bolts are for JZX90 and SILVER for JZX100, JZX110 and SXE10.
  • In stock in Australia, ready to ship out or pick up same day!