Impul Hoshino D01 G5 15" 4x114.3 Wheels

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  • Brand: Impul Hoshino
  • Model: D-01 Silhouette  front and G5 rear
  • PCD:  4x114.3
  • Size/Offset: 15x6.5 +5 | 15x7 +7
  • Tyres: N/A
  • Description: Rare to find 15” Hoshino D-01  perfect to use for S13. Common crazing on the centres starting to show. The wheels are perfectly straight and appear to have had very very little use. As with all our wheels, these have been fully inspected and have no buckles or cracks. Two different pairs as can be seen from the pictures. 
  • Fronts are Welded 3 piece assembly but can be rebuilt and widened with machine work. Rear G5 centres are not welded in. 

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