Origin Labo DRF-X7 5x114.3 Wheels

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  • Brand: Origin Labo
  • Model: ALL NEW DRF-X7
  • PCD: 5x114.3
  • Size/Offset:
  • 17x9+30 Black SOLD OUT
  • 18x9+30 Black (x 2 wheels left)
  • 17x9.5+15 White SOLD OUT 
  • 18x9+30 White (x 4 wheels left)
  • 18x9.5+15 White SOLD OUT
  • Description: Concave all new cast Origin-Lab DRF-X7 available in stock at MMI Auto parts. Include valves and centre caps. Price is per pair. Limited stock available listed above! 
  • Next order will arrive August. Message to get order for all Origin-Labo parts including wheels!
  • Price is per pair* Please specify which of the above size/colour combo you are wanting.

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