Suzuka 50th Anniversary pull back toy car complete collection

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  • Complete collection of 8 pull back and go model cars sold by Georgia in Japan in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Suzuka Circuit. Each car includes a track piece which joins together with the map circuit of Suzuka! Includes 8 iconic race cars of significance to Suzuka Circuits grand history listed below:
  • 1.SKYLINE GT-R C10 #6(White x Red)
    2.SKYLINE GT-R R32 #12(Blue)
    3.NSX-GT #16 (Green x Red) 
    4.SC430 #36 (Silver x Red)
    5.RA271 #25 (White x Red)
    6.RA300 #14 (White x Silver x Red)
    7.RA106 #12 (White x Red)
    8.RA108 #17 (White x Green)
  • Brand new old stock in original packaging. Limited supply, when these are gone they are gone for good. Make for a great gift for any Japanese race car enthusiast.